CEO Update

Good morning,

It has been a long time since I have put out a long “update” or state of the business message.  It is 6AM and I am in the Spokane, Washington airport awaiting a 9AM flight to Denver. I figured this was a great time to share some in-depth updates and personal thoughts with you, considering this airport feels more like a library!

Ok, get ready because I have a lot to share with you!

For the past several months, I have had the support of an incredible team who has been handling day to day communications and operations. Bill Conwell and Efrain Valdez have been amazing and I can’t thank them enough for all they do.  Their dedication to the success of this company has allowed me to keep a focus on connecting with people and businesses that will bring value to AdPlotter. Our CFO Doug Saathoff has been so much more than a CFO. He has been instrumental in working day to day with our programming development and design team to keep them on course (they are doing amazing things, some of which I will show you in this update).

“Freeing Me UP” has been important to the growth of this company. For the past several months I have been free to act on the ideas and visions that I have for BVD and AdPlotter and I have not had to be an office manager, project manager or any other type of management (because that is truly not my strength!). This enhanced support and teamwork has kept me in a “ZONE” with a DEEP focus on marketing and building the foundation that is geared toward taking AdPlotter to the world by way of YOU, the 300 Elite. Today I will show you actual marketing initiatives that are running (THEY ARE LIVE) and traffic is directed to active 300 Elite and will continue to be.

Our corporate priorities are as follows:

  1. Make AdPlotter BETTER every day (technically – and behind the scenes, with continued development)
  2. Highlight the success that AdPlotter has RIGHT NOW (I will show you REAL STATS)
  3. Create additional marketing campaigns that shines a light on the good that AdPlotter does now
  4. Drive continuous TRAFFIC and sign ups to 300 Elite members (this is in motion, and we’ll show you the results)
  5. Maximize our existing campaigns for AMS and GeoTurbo
  6. Identify 300 Elite who are willing to complete simple guided tasks each week that will boost their traffic (I have some simple tasks that will take less than 15 minutes per day to complete but will net so much more)

Back to the update….

I am more enthusiastic about what we have today then I have ever been. This vision keeps me awake at night and is why I feel sleep is a waste of time for me. My mind never stops thinking of what we can do to turn that dial and reach that perfect temperature. In this time spent with all my focus on marketing, I have made some INCREDIBLE discoveries and a wave of new people have caught our vision.

Making AdPlotter better….Yes, we took AdPlotter out of the oven too soon…

AdPlotter and BVD have been in need of improvement. Yes, there were and always will be “bugs” and issues that need to be fixed and processes that could be improved. Trust me, I see the flaws as you or anyone else does. BUT, we have a dedicated team who are not only fixing these things but have been strategically planning on ways to improve the overall system. If you have ever had an idea and developed a prototype, you will find that there are always things that POP UP that you did not think about. These “things” create delays, expense and hair loss!

Fortunately, we have minimized those types of issues with effective management of the programmers on task and base everyday actions on VERY strategic planning. It is no longer just Brad and I…We have the support we have always needed. So AdPlotter IS much better than it has ever been and it is getting better every day.

There are PEOPLE using AdPlotter and LOVING it …

The BVD and AdPlotter IDEA has evolved and there are parts being added that we never envisioned but are proving every day to us (the people who are working on it every day) that those two ideas were in fact GREAT ideas and strike a GREAT chord with people BEYOND the 300 Elite. I say this because we (you and I) have been around a long time together. Sometimes it’s easy to share an idea with people you know and they will tell you what you want to hear. That’s like preaching to the choir right?  Well we have managed to attract thousands of people from the outside who do not know what the 300 Elite team is and do not care. They are interested in AdPlotter working well (which is good for the 300 Elite!). They are here to TEST and USE AdPlotter (this PRODUCT we built!).

With that said, AdPlotter is VERY sellable and is working. I have stats that prove this and people who are PAYING for it and using it every day. There are people who do not realize what we have RIGHT NOW and what this is becoming. Thank you for your continued belief, and get ready because I have some SIMPLE daily actions I am COUNTING on each of you making…It will blow you away.

AdPlotter BREAKTHROUGHS…Game Changers

AdPlotter is a program that was built to send ads/Information to hundreds of sites at once. AdPlotter does that (it works!). At the lowest level of what AdPlotter does (delivering information to hundreds of sites including GeoTurbo!), AdPlotter CUSTOMERS are realizing a search engine benefit to all of this “MASS POSTING”. I always considered that to be a “fringe benefit” of AdPlotter Basic but it is a much bigger benefit. Ads posted with keywords to social media sites (SEO section) and websites are creating benefit for web searches to their sites!

This is a FACT and something we don’t talk about enough (but we are now!). This realization has given us a market that is endless. EVERY person who owns a website that wants that website to climb in Google searches (hmmmm…that’s pretty much everyone who owns a website) can realize some benefit (OVER TIME!).  The great part of this is the COST to do this – $9.95/month. That is a price point that any website owner can afford and we are going to do a better job of providing marketing tools that get that message across.

Ok…some game changers…These things are key elements of AdPlotter but have been VERY careful NOT to put them out until we tested them (and yes, we have tested them and they work…The stats do not lie…Can’t wait to show you in this update)…

1. Multi City (PREMIUM OPTION)

Our multi city post option is better than it has ever been. We have now RE-INCORPORATED backpage (2nd most visited classified site on the web…MILLIONS of visitors each day). Ads posted via the multi city option are achieving a 90%+ success rate in posting on our network of sites.

2. backpage BIZ OPP Multi-City (Soon to be ADDED as a premium option!)

This has been tested and retested. AdPlotter is SUCCESSFULLY posting to EVERY CITY on backpage with a success rate of 100%. In one test we conducted, we generated over 250 LEADS for a major client who is singing our praises.  We have been testing this feature with four other MLM leaders who are trying to recruit new members. We incorporated a technology (introduced to us by two 300 Elite members by the way!) that makes AdPlotter much more than an ad posting program….Will show you this in THIS update! In fact, this technology they brought to us has TOP MLM and direct sales people calling us. We are running demos for them EVERYDAY (yes, we will do this for you…It’s time to show you because this makes AdPlotter an even bigger value to anyone selling anything online or even OFFLINE!).

When we started AdPlotter we THOUGHT we had backpage working but it was not consistent. After a lot of time and testing, we finally succeeded and I can say that we are VERY happy with the result. Our new way of delivering ads to HUNDREDS of cities at once is much easier and our TEST clients are seeing results (yes, I’ll show you stats).


Let’s face it…Craigslist is the GIANT gorilla. Anyone who can master the automated posting of ads to 10, 25, 50 or even 100 cities each month is great…Well we are AWESOME, NOT just great!…You will soon see a feature (PREMIUM OPTION) in AdPlotter that advertises our ability to post up to 100 ads PER DAY in 100+ different cities at ONCE…

Why can we do this? Because we have tested and retested a process that is not only working, but EXCEEDING our expectations…

Do you know HOW MUCH demand there is for a SERVICE like this? Are you kidding me? BIG companies want this service because of the traffic Craigslist gets…MILLIONS and MILLIONS of visitors every day! HUGE value here, ladies and gentlemen.

We did a test for a VERY popular guy who started two MAJOR companies we all know. This guy put us to the test and you will soon see his testimonial on our site. In a 30 day period, we marketed to only 10 CITIES per day (that’s 10 ads posting each day advertising his program)…

The result?  Over 80% of the ads STUCK on Craigslist…and ready for this?


Over 400 LEADS generated by AdPlotter Multi-city /Craigslist /Backpage combo!

This is why I stay focused, ladies and gentlemen.  You do NOT want me sitting down and typing these updates too often. These MAJOR strides have come about because I have had the TIME to focus on bringing them into AdPlotter (lots of work to do this…).  Bill and Efrain have served you (the 300 Elite) well. They have grabbed the reins and given me the freedom to do all of this (and there is MUCH more)…

The exciting part is this…

We have NOT advertised or announced any of this (this is the first time we have even let this out)…Our team has been careful NOT to let things out until they are tested. You will see GREAT interest in AdPlotter when you see the RE-TARGETING marketing (it’s already started) that is going on as well as the marketing we are ALREADY doing to drive people to you (ROTATORS!).  I am so excited to be able to show you these things today because I know they are a fraction of what we can do.

Ok…ready for this?

These PREMIUM SERVICES… (Multi-city, Craigslist, backpage etc. more to come)…

These are BIG reasons people will want to sign up for AdPlotter – right? They are like that REALLY nice pool, golf course, resort that everyone wants to visit…To use those amenities, they must be a PAYING member of AdPlotter…It’s that simple! They MUST be on a subscription of $99.95 or they cannot use those features. That makes upgrading a MUST and pretty much makes it a YES, because they cannot get these services at the price we will offer – ANYWHERE!

So paying that $99.95 subscription to ACCESS these major premium options will not be a problem whatsoever. Keep in mind, the people who want to use those options are going to be the GREATEST testimonials for AdPlotter because they are probably VERY serious about marketing and are willing to pay that extra money to get that service!

And if ANY of you have been following the changes and improvements to AdPlotter, you

have seen the NEW sign up process. It puts that $9.95 RIGHT in front of them (30 Day free trial and charge the card at the end of 30 days for $9.95). That gives us the PERFECT opportunity to show them all these great features during that 30 day period (and we are), so they say “FORGET the $9.95, I am going with the $99.95!”

I hope everyone understands what I am saying here…PREMIUM services within AdPlotter are going to be the DRIVER for upgrades and, as we add MORE Premium services, people will upgrade because they MUST in order to use them!

4. Marketing…What I LOVE and what I have been doing…

We have been experimenting with several marketing campaigns and systems.

  • One of them is Text Blasting….

We sent a simple text to 100 numbers …

The result?

4% of the people who got the text signed up for AdPlotter!  That is a great metric and imagine what happens when we send out 10,000 per week or even per day?

Do you see what that alone could do? We are incorporating an AUTOMATED text notification into AdPlotter soon that will welcome new members etc. It will also be a way we will be communicating with EVERYONE! It is a great system and one of many ways we will maximize AdPlotter’s exposure.

  • AdPlotter following people online…

We started Adroll marketing two weeks ago. When surfing the internet you may have noticed AdPlotter ads following you around? This form of marketing is powerful because it typically takes as many as (7) seven views of an ad before a person clicks it. Adroll is an inexpensive method of repetitive marketing (if done right!).

Here is how it works…When a person visits AdPlotter or ANY affiliate link with in the prefix, that person is followed with our ads for a period of 30 days or more. We utilized AdRoll in the marketing of a nutritional product we had a few years ago and it proved to be extremely effective.

  • Geo Turbo Classified Sites…Time to boost them and build them!

There are several strategies for increasing the value of these sites. The key to building the value of these sites is to add continuous content (items/services for sale!).

One of the ways we are doing this is by working on strategic relationships with major sites who can stream their items on to GeoTurbo sites. One of the aspects we are testing right now is the creation of an Ebay store importer tool. This tool will allow an Ebay store owner to load their items into an AdPlotter account and push those items to all of the GeoTurbo sites as well as the other sites in the AdPlotter network. This gives an Ebay store owner good reason to use AdPlotter and it gives GeoTurbo sites a boost with all the items they have!


If you are a 300 Elite Team member and have an Ebay store, please contact me directly. I will put you in touch with our programming team so they can allow you to test that feature before we go live!

  • AdPlotter – GENERATING Leads….PROOF…A New NICHE for us!

A few months ago, we teamed up with a 300 Elite member’s good friend who deploys a technology that has given AdPlotter a huge boost in popularity and gives us a powerful marketing tool when combined with AdPlotter. This is what has happened and is a BIG part of what I have been working on for the past two months. I am excited to show you because I KNOW you will instantly see how this can benefit you as well as THOUSANDS of people (probably millions). In fact, I am going to allow you to demo it in this UPDATE so you can see first-hand how powerful it is.

Posting ads to backpage, Craigslist and hundreds of other sites is now practical on a regular basis with AdPlotter. While we have been testing these “Premium Services” such as Craigslist posting, and posting to multiple cities including Backpage, we were fortunate to be able to incorporate an 800# technology that PROVES AdPlotter works. I will be sharing the stats below…

First, allow me to explain how this 800# system works…

The CLIENT (AdPlotter advertiser) opts for a unique 800#. Each 800# comes with up to 100 EXTENSIONS.

These 800#’s are STRICTLY for advertising 24 HOUR Recorded Info… (I am sure you have seen ads like that!)

So here is how it works…Many people using AdPlotter today are either recruiting new sales people for their business or they are trying to sell more product in their respective programs. Rather than run a long boring ad with a lot of reading, this is how the system works…

  • The ad is short and offers 24 Hour Recorded Info about either the product or the opportunity.
  • People do not want to talk to a salesperson but they are OK with calling a recorded info line (we have already PROVEN this to be a fact!)
  • WHEN they call for information, the owner of the respective 800# receives that caller’s NUMBER almost instantly and in some cases will receive the caller’s name even if they call from a BLOCKED NUMBER!
  • The caller’s information is stored in a database for the client and there are multiple ways to track which ads are working best and where they are working because each EXTENSION can be associated with a source of advertising!

For example…

Extension 50 may be ads running on Craigslist…

Extension 51 may be ads running on backpage (same info ad though!)

Extension 52 could be the extension given on a TV commercial…

The key is these extensions play the SAME recorded info, but it allows the AdPlotter marketer the ability to know where he or she is getting the best result in their marketing!


I am testing an AdPlotter 800# number for MARKETING AdPlotter…

Running ads in multiple cities using AdPlotter’s MULTI-CITY post, I have already PROVEN this system works. I have advertised USING AdPlotter to sell as well as advertised AdPlotter as a program a person could use to provide a service to people who need advertising. Both ads work and I will show you the example below.

In this option, I am giving the caller the option to either connect direct with our

24/7 call center where they will be given a free trial account OR they can leave a message with their email or text number (we get the number from which they called either way, remember!)



Expect that update within the next 5 days or less! You will be so excited when you see how it works and how we are using it to drive business to the 300 Elite and Licensees AND Geo turbo sites!

We now have several MLM & sales organization leaders using AdPlotter and LOVING it. They like the fact that AdPlotter delivers their ads but they also like how they can get DIRECT response thanks to the 24 Hour Info system! It’s amazing and YES, it is something we plan on making available for you to market as well as use yourself in the near future!

800JobsNow.Com is a great example of how AdPlotter is helping direct marketers recruit new members… Check out the site with multiple ads running – a smart way to connect with thousands of job/biz op seekers.

  • AMS

We are diversifying the AMS marketing by incorporating the 800# technology described above which generates more free account members as well as 30 Day free trial members. We are also incorporating the text blast marketing and the AdRoll retargeting to boost AMS marketing.

  • 300 Elite ROTATOR marketing…That plays a part in all of this also.

We are distributing EVERY person who signs up right now and we are committed to increasing this as we begin offering all these premium services which are sure to draw clients.

Back to RESULTS…AdPlotter works…

This past weekend we met the founder of two multi-million dollar companies which both went public. He is in the business of certifying lIfe coaches in his current business. He advertises the opportunity of becoming a Life Coach. For the past 40 days he tested AdPlotter along with our 800# marketing technology and the result? Over 400 Leads generated…We have the STATS and the call logs to PROVE it!

That’s powerful and equally powerful is the testimonial he will provide us in the near future that will put a great feather in our cap. Not only will you see this man’s testimonial but we have several CLIENTS now that have been using AdPlotter and getting amazing results. They incorporated the 800#AdTracking system and have the RESULTS to prove it works!

  • Last Part of my “UPDATE”…MOST Important Part…So important I am going to separate this section of my update because this is where we’ll see who wants to PARTNER to maximize SUCCESS!

We now have something powerful that we can all promote. While Corporate is accelerating its advertising, I want to see WHO in the 300 Elite Team would be willing to put TIME (not money!) into some daily, or at least 3-4 days a week, simple “TASKS” that would take you no more than 15 minutes to do?  In fact, I will be guiding you on EXACTLY what to do and those interested will be placed in a special ROTATOR.  These tasks will involve posting some ads using AdPlotter as well as some simple MANUAL ad posting on specific sites. I will provide you with the EXACT ad to post and where to post it. In fact, I will do a screen share webinar where I will show everyone a LIVE demo of me doing it!

Who is up for this? Who would like some in-depth direct training from me? Who wants to learn how to generate HUNDREDS of leads so you can show OTHER marketers how powerful your AdPlotter system is and CHARGE them for it?

Who is in?

This is where the rubber meets the road right? I am going to show you HOW to fish. I am in 100% marketing mode (as I shared at the beginning of this UPDATE).

I have NEVER been in this position and have the freedom to teach and demonstrate. And you now have me 100%, and all I am asking for is about 15% of your time….

Who is in?

We will see…..NO money required…JUST your pledge to follow a few instructions and pull a little weight in what we are going to do as a team. If you do not want to do anything, that is fine. But those who are willing to put a few minutes a day into following SPECIFIC instructions I give each week will get further ahead because you will LEARN how we are doing this and will experience success. You WILL feel 1000% better about AdPlotter because you are going to see FIRST hand that it is working!

Are you in?

Ok…If you can follow simple A-B-C instructions, can get on a few live webinars or watch recorded versions of them, and put about 15 minutes per day into this (OR MORE IF YOU WANT!), let’s do it!

Simply complete the form below and you WILL be added to this private communication list. We are going to turn the volume up and I know EXACTLY how we will do it…

Let’s go!

First Name (required)

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City You Live In


Your Email (required)

Cell Number to receive texts:

Cell Provider (ex. ATT, Cingular, Sprint):

Do you know how to copy and paste?

Time to get into action….Time to get to market… Let’s Do IT!

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